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Well, what do you know…SM becomes the victim of my relentless snide jabs once more…

Once again, the high and mighty industry king riles up a controversy with the biggest band in the history of bands: Super Junior.

This 13 member talent group has about everything the industry requires. (And yes, this is ENTERTAINMENT…not labor, though with some of these artists work much harder than manual laborers such as–)  Anyway, they have MCs and hosts, dancers, singers, actors, the list goes on. If you count having the ability to have over 50 pairs of new shoes and dying their hair every other week or so and having it not fall out as a talent, they’ve got it too.

Once again, I am digressing immensely, but you get my point. These boys have immense talent; they should be allowed to use it. But nooooo, the disgusting and manipulating successful company they are under, the mighty SM Entertainment, has decided to curb these talents…and turn them into warbling fools.

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Super Junior members, Kyuhyun and Sungmin. Both my favorites, both very hot. Just super sexy guys. 🙂

Married? You would never know. But I saw this. It’s either a very well done Photoshop image, or they actually took a picture, whatever it is, it’s very well done.

See for yourself. Decide if it’s photoshop or real (I think it’s the former). I’m happy for them…though I’m moping sad inside because Sungmin is no longer single…waaaaaaaaaah~


Ps. They DO share a room…*wink wink*

Well, there has been a LOT of things going on, but seeing that I cannot do everything, I shan’t. 😛

Back to the issue with Hankyung, or Han Geng, as he goes by now. I’m going to assume he has left SJ because, well, he HAS his own “thing” now. Duh.

Anyway, I was just cruising Facebook (yes, I DO have a facebook. 🙂 ) and I stumbled upon Hangeng’s new song, Queen. Maybe it’s not new. But I haven’t heard it, so I’m going to say it’s new.

Well, to say the least, I was slightly shocked. More like wow. Not in the omg, WOW! kind of way. But.. wow. Yeah.

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As many of you might know, a new ‘promising’ boy band appeared earlier this year. Named ZE:A, or Child of Empire, this 9-member boy band are quite the imitators. *shields from bananas and tomatoes*

Let’s be frank here. I’ll cut the corners and get to my point.

First of all, their name. ZE:A. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Of course! JEA, from Brown Eyed Girls! That’s where it is. Secondly, their outfits. This is talking about their lead song, Mazeltov. We’ll get there soon. Again, doesn’t it sound familiar? Mazeltov…MAO ZE DONG?As in…China’s dead communist leader?

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Once again, I’m jumping ahead of schedule (or rather…not following it), but I MUST post this. =D You’ll understand.

Some of you probably have seen these ladies (specifically Korean high school students) around Youtube. 9 as one. Covering dances from Sorry Sorry to Oh! The question is: Who are they?

Every video is on a different account. No names. Not even close enough to recognize their faces. Do they want to remain mysterious?

The setting is always the same. Always in the same classroom. They have different outfits, but it’s still them.

If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, watch. Then compare it to the original.  And you’ll see.

Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry

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This post is entirely NOT for what I normally post. Just need to rant a bit. But of course, there are some juicy tidbits that I might add…that I would be cracking down on this week, Sunday at the latest.

1) ZE:A’s Mazeltov. I’m sorry to all those Child of Empire fans, but I truly believe they suck. They are good lucking guys, total eyecandy, but seriously? The song? What’s with the days of the week? And if you’re going to say nationalities, at least get them right. “Japan girl” really now? And the outfits, dance moves, I can name at least a few that were copied.

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Super Junior member, Hankyung / Hangeng, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment (SME) last year in December.

Fans from all over the world has been waiting impatiently (and anxiously) for any news.

Here’s some background: SM is a awful company Hangeng filed a lawsuit stating that SM refused to let him go back to China for any rest for two years. So basically, that’s two years of pure slavery work (entertaining) w/o even breaks for when he was sick.

Also, a 13-year contract. He wants to terminate his contract early. But because SME is such a greedy hoarding company big company, they cannot just let him go b/c that would be “too much money wasted”. If all their entertainers did that, then everything would be kapish down the drain.

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