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Well, what do you know…SM becomes the victim of my relentless snide jabs once more…

Once again, the high and mighty industry king riles up a controversy with the biggest band in the history of bands: Super Junior.

This 13 member talent group has about everything the industry requires. (And yes, this is ENTERTAINMENT…not labor, though with some of these artists work much harder than manual laborers such as–)  Anyway, they have MCs and hosts, dancers, singers, actors, the list goes on. If you count having the ability to have over 50 pairs of new shoes and dying their hair every other week or so and having it not fall out as a talent, they’ve got it too.

Once again, I am digressing immensely, but you get my point. These boys have immense talent; they should be allowed to use it. But nooooo, the disgusting and manipulating successful company they are under, the mighty SM Entertainment, has decided to curb these talents…and turn them into warbling fools.

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This post is entirely NOT for what I normally post. Just need to rant a bit. But of course, there are some juicy tidbits that I might add…that I would be cracking down on this week, Sunday at the latest.

1) ZE:A’s Mazeltov. I’m sorry to all those Child of Empire fans, but I truly believe they suck. They are good lucking guys, total eyecandy, but seriously? The song? What’s with the days of the week? And if you’re going to say nationalities, at least get them right. “Japan girl” really now? And the outfits, dance moves, I can name at least a few that were copied.

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