Super Junior-M 091226 Azio Entertainment

(Above: Super Junior M posing with host Patty Hou)

As you all know, Super Junior-M is a subgroup of Super Junior, the world’s largest boy band with a total of 13 members. Wha-la. Whatever facts and blah go here…etc…

Anywho, this is the page for the video of Super Junior M during this variety show. As always it has English subtitles and all that. But I’m going to do a quick synopsis of the whole show:

Super Junior-M arrive in Taiwan to be on this variety show, hosted by Patty Hou. Today was her birthday, so they planned to have a memorable surprise birthday for her.

Leader Hangeng came up with these 7 missions that the boys were supposed to do:


Hangeng: act mad and leave the room quickly then go and get her birthday cake. (This was the hardest one).

Donghae: high-five her (Patty Hou)

Ryeowook: tell her “I love you”

Siwon: get her to laugh

Henry: dance with her

Zhou Mi: get her to say “You’re handsome” to him

Kyuhyun: massage her 5 times

So they have to complete their missions by the time the show’s over. And during the best part (where Hangeng got mad and left the room)…well…I’ll let you see that. I don’t want to ruin it for you. 😉 Let’s get crackin’ then!

Super Junior-M in Taiwan variety show hosted by Patty Hou on Dec. 26, 2009


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