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You know when you get this like…really really AMAZING video? But you forgot to bookmark it or something? And when you want to watch it again, you can’t?

Well, I’ve decided to do something that would make you guys ❤ me. Not even kidding. 😉

I’ve been collecting a whole bunch of videos. So far, they’re all just Super Junior. (I’m a HUGE E.L.F). So I’ve been saving the URLs to their concert dvds, mini-dramas, and variety show specials.

What do you say? Shall I share?

I would be adding others if you guys want me to. But here’s the thing: THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT I CAN GET THEM. They will be SUGGESTIONS only. Okay?

So if you want to see DBSK or FT Island, etc., leave me a comment. If there are a lot of people requesting to see them, I might be able to find it and gather it all here.

BTW, I usually find eng subs. So don’t worry if you can’t understand Korean. 😉 I can’t either. Haha.

Super Junior

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