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Hello my lovely readers.

It’s that time once again and I am sorry to say that Celebrity Cracks will cease to exist starting July 21. Instead, what used to be Celebrity Cracks will now be known as DE Scope.

I have realized, time after time, that when people google Celebrity Cracks, it’s not this website..and it’s probably what you are thinking of. So, I have decided to change Celebrity Cracks to DE Scope, standing for Drama & Entertainment Scope. I will start expanding beyond the simple rants and raves and move forward towards developing newsworthy opinionated articles, ranging from drama reviews, to celebrity spottings, and so forth.


Disclaimer: This was taken from another post I wrote for another blog. There may possibly be detailed analysis for current viral video. Stay up to date.

South Korean rapper, PSY, infects the world with his upbeat, electronic song,Gangnam Style. Since it’s release on July 15th, 2012, the video acquired 8 million views within the first two weeks. It beat Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me with 28 million views, Bieber’s being slightly over 21 million views. A month later, it has reached 45 million views. PSY beat Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Nicki Minaj for Top Music Video on iTunes as well as ranking #1 on Youtube’s Most Viewed Videos (for July).

With its upbeat tempo and hilarious dance moves, Gangnam Style has garnered attention from everyone. Since Gangnam Style came out, there has been numerous covers and parodies to it. It has been said that Gangnam Style may possibly be like the Macarena, with its memorable shuffling dance and “horse riding move”.

Korean artists, in general, do not garner much international fame. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, Psy’s Gangnam Style has dominated all local music charts and quickly becoming popular with everyone. When artists such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber tweets about Gangnam Style, you know something big’s going on. Be sure to look for more parodies and covers of this international sensation…known as The Gangnam Style.

A certain hot yet somewhat “cool” member of a much loved boyband has been confirmed to be dating.

Yes, B2ST’s Junhyung, the Joker, has a girlfriend, the doll-like Hara from KARA.

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By the way, has anyone seen Teen Wolf? Understand the style reference. 🙂

Hey everyone! Long time to blog…yo. 🙂 It’s been quite a while. I’ve been pretty busy with stuff…(aka Facebook stalking and doing some other illegal interesting stuff) and I’ve decided that I love you guys too much, so I’M BACK!

Okay, none of you guys care about what I have to say…just what I have to write about. Which is basically the same thing…..BUT ANYWAY, I wanted to talk randomly before I get cracking. I’ve actually have a lot of videos I’ve been watching lately that I’d LOVE to blog about. Maybe during the summer when I have time.

Guess what? There may be a radio show starting up over the summer that Celebrity Cracks may be part of..(okay, I may have some hand in that..but still xD), so if that works out, I’ll let you all know. Be sure to tune in! (literally)

So some of my latest doings:

APs are coming up; all of you high schoolers in US out there (I’m not quite sure what other countries have…but if you have anything similar, include yourself here!), SYMPATHY AND PLENTY OF LOVE AND AFFECTIONS…and…okay whatever. 🙂 But study hard…but don’t forget to take a break ever once and a while and TUNE IN TO CELEBRITY CRACKS!! 🙂 Oh great, I’m advertising. Again. Apologies.

Once again, I go off on a random topic and whatever I was talking about earlier is lost in this huge bauble of cybermess. Whatever. As long as you’re enjoying life as it is, it’s all good. Speaking of good, did you know that…okay, never mind. There was nothing I wanted to say. There’s plenty of good (for example, KIBUM IS COMING BACK TO SJ AND WORKING ON THEIR FIFITH ALBUM!!! AHHHHH!) Excited? I am!

Plus KMF is coming up…but I’m not going because…there are various reasons, one of the main ones being that my favorite artistes aren’t there, so I decided to save my money and wait for my favoritos to come down to LA and hang out with moi! Dur, of course, who wouldn’t want to hang out with me? We’ll have a blast.

I’m working on a few other projects, of course, under a different identity…or rather a legit one, since this one is a pseudonym (one of my many ;D). For those who have not realized that this is not who you think it is, (<-whatever that means, because once again, I have confused myself >.<) just ignore all of this. I’m just wasting space. I really do have much better things to do.

I will end things here now, be back later with some AWESOME CRACKDOWNS because I’ve got some great stuff on the back burner. But as of right now, I’ve got some actual cracking down to do..on my school work. 😦 See ya later guys and PEACE OUT!

California fans, especially those from San Francisco, Bay Area places, are very happy. Unfortunately, I wished I could have been one. Well, I’m happy, but not that happy because:

1) I didn’t go because I, well, couldn’t. 😛

2) I left my camera and numerous items at my friend’s house, so even if I went, I wouldn’t have any juicy fancams to share. 🙂 But Lady Gaga was in SF last night, and a friend of mine went. (Note to self: Grill for tidbits and pics!)

Anyway, here’s her Google video. Lady Gaga is actually one of the few celebrities I admire. She’s different and she’s herself. Go Gaga! 🙂

Super Junior members, Kyuhyun and Sungmin. Both my favorites, both very hot. Just super sexy guys. 🙂

Married? You would never know. But I saw this. It’s either a very well done Photoshop image, or they actually took a picture, whatever it is, it’s very well done.

See for yourself. Decide if it’s photoshop or real (I think it’s the former). I’m happy for them…though I’m moping sad inside because Sungmin is no longer single…waaaaaaaaaah~


Ps. They DO share a room…*wink wink*