Hello everyone! Since the creation of Celebrity Cracks in Jan of 2010, there has been one real appearance change. Now, on July 20, 2013, three years after this blog has been born, the name has been changed.

What was formerly known as Celebrity Cracks, is now known as DE Scope, standing for Drama & Entertainment Scope. Everything that was formerly named as Celebrity Cracks has been changed to DE Scope, from the Twitter page, to the blog URL (domain: http://www.descope.co.nr).

I will still be posting regarding news of celebrities, but really wanting to expand and put DE Scope out there with all the other blogs regarding entertainment. From the usual celebrity digs and spottings to new TV shows and movies, DE Scope will be covering it all.

Stay tuned for more!


Hello cyworld!

If you braved the ferocious demon dogs to reach this page, congratulations. It takes guts to venture into this area of the cyberworld, where snide-ry and other stuff exists.

Celebrity Cracks was created one stormy, cold, winter night with scraps of paper and wax candles. Oh who am I kidding. Celebrity Cracks was born one spring-y day in the late evening, after a disastrous attempt to emulate Allkpop or Dramabeans. That was when I discovered that I am not cut out for strictly news; I am way too opinionated to that. So, thus I created Celebrity Cracks, a relatively harmless blog about whatever I decided to poke fun of that day.

The online entertainment music sites provide the news side. The fansites provide the love and worship side. The antis provide the dark side. Me? I take a little bit of each…and roll it together for something different. Controversial, provoking, different. That’s what this is about. (Along with writing for my own amusement)

Prone to skipping out for long periods of time, occasionally making no sense, and a touch of too much Adderall, I present you….Celebrity Cracks.

Speak your mind!

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