SM Abuses Autotune with Super Junior

Posted: July 19, 2012 in K-pop, SM Entertainment, Super Junior
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Well, what do you know…SM becomes the victim of my relentless snide jabs once more…

Once again, the high and mighty industry king riles up a controversy with the biggest band in the history of bands: Super Junior.

This 13 member talent group has about everything the industry requires. (And yes, this is ENTERTAINMENT…not labor, though with some of these artists work much harder than manual laborers such as–)  Anyway, they have MCs and hosts, dancers, singers, actors, the list goes on. If you count having the ability to have over 50 pairs of new shoes and dying their hair every other week or so and having it not fall out as a talent, they’ve got it too.

Once again, I am digressing immensely, but you get my point. These boys have immense talent; they should be allowed to use it. But nooooo, the disgusting and manipulating successful company they are under, the mighty SM Entertainment, has decided to curb these talents…and turn them into warbling fools.

Heh, funny picture. ANYWAYS…

As much less of a fan than I used to be as I am a fan of them, I have slowly drifted away from their songs and just paying attention to them in general. I mean, when did this here and here turn into autotune robots here and here. The group who sang such power songs like Don’t Don and Twins are now singing autotune blahs like Super Girl and A-Cha, and now…the newest robotic creation, Mr. Simple.

Let’s backtrack a bit. When did SuJu turn towards something that requires no real vocal talent monotone mumbling? If you backspace a few times and think real hard, here’s what you’ll discover:

Third album. The lead track: Sorry, Sorry.

According to Wikipedia,

Sorry, Sorry was a critically and commercially successful hit in Asia, becoming 2009’s best-selling Korean-language album in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines.

Well, what do you know, it was a huge success. And believe me, it was. I mean, as much as I don’t want to admit it I even learned the lyrics and the dance. Yay!!! Hardcore fangirl here *executes crazy fangirl screams*

Back to business. So there we go, we got popular Sorry, Sorry all over the charts, it’s going nuts out there. Suju even states that Sorry, Sorry “won not because of popularity, but because of they see the song as their own style.” OH HO! “..their own style..”

There we go, my friends. Suju claims it’s their “style”, and SM complies:

Sure thing boys! We’ll autotune all your music from now on!

And boom! There you go. It started with Sorry, Sorry. Sad thing is, that song WAS good. Then they had to overdo it with Sorry, Sorry remix. Well, fine then, go ahead. Still acceptable because it was in the flow of it all, or whatever.

But then…*dramatic dun dun dun music*…they pop out Bonamana.

That’s when the s-it hit the fan. Everything that came after Bonamana…is either identical or similar. Eunhyuk stripping somewhere in the middle, the heavy eyeliner (do guys seriously need that much eyeliner???), the crazy bleached hair several members have…and do NOT get me started on the excessive use of autotune. I swear, someone’s going to get hurt. I mean, if you cannot get a pure sound on Kyuhyun’s or Yesung’s voice, you’ve got one major problem. Like seriously.

Going off on a tangent here…Who the f–k is their make-up artist? I mean, what is this

And this

Please, just shoot me now. Mama SJ has on a corset and backwards mini cape, and the baby SJ has on a friggin’ dog half cone. Or maybe it’s a neck brace. Whatever, it’s horrendous. However, on the plus side, their faces remain pretty 😉 yaaaayyyy!!! Or maybe it’s just more Botox or surgery. Here’s a cutie patootie eyecandy that looks ADORABLE:

With much love and more venom to release,


  1. NyNy says:

    Really wish it was 2009 when idols used to promote a follow up because I’d really like for them to promote Butterfly or Daydream. Great songs.

  2. Maria says:

    Well… All Kpop songs got autotune~~

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