Livin’ a Dream!

Posted: November 22, 2011 in American Entertainment, Concerts, Katy Perry
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Many know what yesterday night was. Mhm, it was Katy Perry’s California Dream tour, stopping at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. And guess what? Yours truly was there. In a VIP suite. Oh yeah….

So naturally, I have amazing footage and lotsa stuff to say. First of all, the show started at 7:30pm. Guess what? Katy didn’t show up until 9. Boom, two hours of listening to other people.

Not that they weren’t good, Ellie Goulding and DJ Skeet Skeet. No, no, they were good. In fact, instead of me just blabbing my mouth here, follow this link…and see for yourselves.

That was my first concert EVER. Oh em gee, it was fantastic. Not only did I get to go to a fancy schmancy luxury VIP suite (and for free too!), it was totally worth the time spent there. Really, it was fantastic. Enough said, just go watch it now. Thanks ❤


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