Dream High. I’m betting that close to 75% of the people who visit this blog has watched or at least heard of Dream High. Let me tell you this: If you have not watched it, you are missing one of the BEST dramas EVER. No kidding.

I may not have as much drama-watching experience as dramabeans or other sites out there, but this drama, my friends, is one worthwhile. Not many dramas can be about high school with GOOD romance (not eww cheesy, but ‘awwww~’ cheesy ;)) and funny, and just everything great. Yeah, I’m totally biased.

One thing that really works out is that the main characters are all idols. Well, all except one. Because they are already singers, it isn’t too hard. (Again, all except one). But they haven’t had much acting experience (again, ^) but they pulled it off. They didn’t suck flat out; there were some bad acting, but it worked with the character. I shan’t elaborate because I may give something away. Just watch it. You’ll understand.

Anyway, my experiment. First: What Pil Suk (IU) does to Jason (Wooyoung). She puts heart stickers on his locker and sticks a lollipop under it. So cute. 😀 It gets so common (he picks up his daily lollipop without asking why, he’s just so used to it) that Jason doesn’t even hesitate. And the two of them are JUST so cute together…

Second: Hye Mi running away from Sam Dong. She sees him. And immediately goes the other way. He chases her and catches up but it’s really cute how intense he gets (especially when he sprints).

My plan? I am going to try both methods. Not at the same time of course, but the same person. 😉 Two months, I will do the WooU thing, two other I will do the HyeDong thing.

Since there is approximately four months left in school, two months each should work out nicely. What do you think? Will it work?

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