First of, oh my sweet buttons. Miley Cyrus REALLY kicks it far.

Most of you already know about the whole “I’m mature, older now. No more Disney for me, #*$#*! I’m going to be Miley. Hannah is no more” blah blah blah right? Well, this MV has already been released and everything, and out of the goodness of my heart, I decided to let it sit and wait for a while. Wait for people to get used to seeing it, and won’t be so surprised by what I write. 😛 (Or I’ve been just really lazy, putting it off as much as possible, until I really can’t put it off any more? Depends on how you look at it. :D)

Well, be prepared. I may offend quite a lot of you. Just putting it out there, I do like a few of her songs. Just some are really just…you know. ;D

Anyway, what’s the song? Can’t Be Tamed? I think it’s a load of bull. Feathers and spandex? She’s not yet out of DISNEY YET FOOLS. Yet already she’s acting like a slut and everything. She’s 17, not even an adult yet, but look at her. Truthfully, I feel sorry for her. She already has so many rumors surrounding her, having her Australian hottie move in with her, lap dances with her director, etc. But really, you’d expect her to be used to the publicity and the paparazzi all over her. She should’ve learned by now that what she does, every move she makes is recorded. Duh. How long’s it been?

Yeah she’s a celebrity and everything, but being one takes a lot of effort. I wish I could say I speak from experience, but unfortunately, I don’t. Still, if she wants to go big, she should do her own thing. Her new single, Can’t Be Tamed, to me is like a rip off of Lady Gaga. The whole feathers and weird outfits, the dance moves, WTF?

Speak your mind!

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