Chinese Mister Gaga

Posted: December 10, 2010 in K-pop, Lady Gaga, Super Junior
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Well, there has been a LOT of things going on, but seeing that I cannot do everything, I shan’t. 😛

Back to the issue with Hankyung, or Han Geng, as he goes by now. I’m going to assume he has left SJ because, well, he HAS his own “thing” now. Duh.

Anyway, I was just cruising Facebook (yes, I DO have a facebook. 🙂 ) and I stumbled upon Hangeng’s new song, Queen. Maybe it’s not new. But I haven’t heard it, so I’m going to say it’s new.

Well, to say the least, I was slightly shocked. More like wow. Not in the omg, WOW! kind of way. But.. wow. Yeah.

First of all, some of you might like it. I do, actually. It’s very catchy. But seriously?

The weird dance moves -> wiggling your head back and forth. Awesome. Not. Puh-leaz. I have enough of Lady Gaga.

I have to say, I’m drawing similarities to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, especially with the couch and bird cage. Props to him; beat Gaga’s cage with a BIRD cage. Rather, HUMAN sized BIRD cage. Take the capitalized letters and that makes HUMAN BIRD. Ca-caw!

Remember, Lady Gaga also had this “i want to get out of the cage” and Gaga and Hangeng both were wearing glasses, though Lady Gaga’s were like lazer ones.

Oh yah, and Hangeng didn’t have pyro boobies either. 😛

The big glasses

And her pyro boobies (this has NOTHING to do with Hangeng, but I couldn’t resist. :P)

Sorry. I must have killed your eyes up there, eh?

The funky dance moves. The whole “hand in claw” shape. Gaga all the way. Sorry, Hangeng, but Gaga dibbed it. You can’t do it again and make it look cool. Though the head thing, mhmm, kudos to you once again. 😀

Check it out yourselves!

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