Kpop is contagious…like seriously

Posted: September 3, 2010 in K-pop

I never really realized how big kpop was in America. Well maybe other places, but I can’t say because I don’t live there.
But at my school, I’ve realized how big kpop was. Okay, I’ll give it to the Asians but that’s about it. After all, when will non-Asians from my really really REALLY white school know about kpop?
Nothing right? *ehgn – the sound that means wrong* Actually, quite a lot of them know about kpop. A few white girls (and please, I’m not being racists, it’s just easier. Now get off me. :D) know SHINee and Big Bang.
Oh boy, Big Bang. Now WHY in the world are they so popular when they can’t sing? (I said, GET OFF ME! It’s MY opinion. You don’t like it, get out then.) They look as hideous as dead people and they wear makeup a girly girl wouldn’t be caught with that much on.
I know I’m pushing buttons and I’m going too far, but what the beep?
But it’s a good thing overall. Just pisses me off when no one knows about the GOOD bands (DBSK – which I heard was semi-disbanding…T.T) and my favorite (but totally one-sided) Super Junior.
Kpop really hit the big money this time. Keep it up and you’ll be worldwide in no time. After all, once you’ve conquered the Asian market, America’s close to it. Now for the Europeans…

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