G.NA: The new thing

Posted: August 24, 2010 in G.NA, K-pop

You know how there is DNA, RNA, and all that science-y stuff. Eww, right? Well, G.NA, is TOTALLY AWESOME.

No, she’s not any microscopic whatever. In fact, the only thing microscopic about her is her waist. Her chest is the opposite, which everyone is already all over.

She’s gorgeous. She can sing. And she totally rocked the stage.

G.NA, a 22 year-old Canadian-born Korean singer, released her first mini-album, Draw G’s First Breath, on July 14. Her lead single, I’ll Back Off So You Can Live, was absolutely amazing. And no, don’t you dare disagree.

Not only was the song itself great, it was original (ahem *stares pointedly at a certain entertainment company known for somewhat plagiarizing songs…*). Yeah, I went there. What can you do about it? xD

Her performance was stunning.

Seriously, if I had my debut and the mic pack fell of, I would’ve been shocked. I probably would’ve stood there. Duh. My first time performing and the people screw it up my mic? No wonder she cried after she got off stage. She spent SO much work making a PERFECT DEBUT STAGE and guess what? Someone messes up. Huh.

Check it out yourself. All her fans and even Junhyung *wink wink* cares about her. See him looking back at her? And then offering her his mike?

She handled it so well, you might have to double check for the “whoops!”. 😀

Anyway, she’s popular with other singers too. 4Minute’s HyunA was so excited to see G.NA’s album in Japan. And she rapped for G.NA too at a performance.

Bi Rain complimented G.NA on her singing, not to mention their duet together was great. 😀

G.NA’s a rookie, but she already has won the hearts of netizens and fans worldwide. With fellow CUBE artists and others supporting her, she’s going big. Like REALLY big. 😀 After all, isn’t everyone saying she’s another BoA?

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