Mazeltov…wait, MAO ZE DONG?

Posted: July 9, 2010 in K-pop, ZE:A/Child of Empire
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As many of you might know, a new ‘promising’ boy band appeared earlier this year. Named ZE:A, or Child of Empire, this 9-member boy band are quite the imitators. *shields from bananas and tomatoes*

Let’s be frank here. I’ll cut the corners and get to my point.

First of all, their name. ZE:A. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Of course! JEA, from Brown Eyed Girls! That’s where it is. Secondly, their outfits. This is talking about their lead song, Mazeltov. We’ll get there soon. Again, doesn’t it sound familiar? Mazeltov…MAO ZE DONG?As in…China’s dead communist leader?

Next: Their names. I know this may not be their fault, after all, they didn’t chose their names (or maybe they did). Let’s see, Heechul. SiwAN.

Now, let’s play a game. I’ll call out their names. You tell me what group they are in.

“Heechul.” “Super Junior.” “Sorry, sweetheart. They’re Z:EA.”

“Siwan.” Super Junior.” “No, honey. SiWAN.” “Huh? Isn’t it Siwon?” Okay. I’ll stop. *dodges eggs*

But really? Oh, we haven’t even gotten to the good part. Now, here’s all the fun.

Their dancing, dressing, actions, in the MV of Mazeltov. Let’s start cracking! 😀 (And here is my favorite part in blogging.)

Well, first of all. The setting. ^.^ I’m not saying they’re copying anyone. But does this strike anyone’s memory? As in…DBSK’s O? Yep. It’s similar, but not the same place. After all, Taegoon’s Call Me was filmed at the same place as DBSK’s Wrong Number. It’s the same garage, though those two songs are so ironic. xD Back to Mazeltov…

And speaking of garages…or close, here are a few:

Familiar? Let’s try this.

Super Junior’s It’s You MV

Similar? Kinda. 😀

Next, this is probably my favorite. An unintentional DBSK/Super Junior collab…

Can’t see it? Let’s do this.

See it now? ^.^ Told ya. 😛 And not only is SJ’s “leader” here, so is DBSK’s as well.

Now, here’s the real test. Is that Yunho? Or is that a clone?

Compare to this.

Who’s the real deal? I’ll tell you. Top is ZE:A. The bottom is Yunho. Now, is that a scary similarity or what? I admit, I was shocked when I first saw it. I mean, how is it possible to have two HOT guys look alike? But that’s not the end of it.

Micky Yoochun vs Micky Yoochun…haha 😀

Now here’s the real question: Who’s who? (I’ve realized that I kinda gave it away…but it’s just a matter of seeing HOW FRICKIN’ similar these two hotties are….not a riddle or challenge whatsoever.)

Then there are a few others, like ZE:A’s Jung Heechul looking like SJ’s Kim Ryeowook and ZE:A Kim Dongjun somewhat similar to Sungmin.

Enough with the lookalike faces, let’s get moving.

Who here has heard of Abracadabra by our wonderful Brown Eyed Girls? Quite a scandalous MV, if I do say so myself. 😉 Anywho, turns out Abracadabra is also popular amongst the boys.

Just overall, they’re all hot. Like molten lava. They’re new, so I’d give them kudos for actually having a good performance. Can’t change your face or the your given name. But seriously? “Monday Tuesday Wednesday…” I know you know the days of the week, but do you REALLY have to sing them? I mean, C’MON!!! And um…”Latin girl, Mexican girl~” JAPAN girl? Please, I’m begging you, if you’re going to say that, SAY IT RIGHT!

eatyourkimchi was right. They ARE really baffling uses of English in Korean music videos. SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong was pretty quirky and now ZE:A’s Mazeltov is off the charts. *sigh* Let’s hope there’ll be improvements next time.

Until we meet again, (or I find something ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS and I MUST do something about it) see you then.

~KSM signing out

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