Not only 2PM but also 2AM

Posted: June 7, 2010 in 2AM, 2PM, K-pop, News, Wonder Girls
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All of One Day is going to be San Francisco, CA soon. Makes me so proud to live in the Bay Area. FINALLY some excitement here. 😀 Everything usually takes place in LA…or worse in the East Coast..or S. Korea. About TIME they arrived to SF. Maybe go even closer and come to Oakland. Well, that might be a bit much to wish for, but hey, a girl can wish, can’t she?

Anywho, Wonder Girls will with 2PM on June 13. On July 1, they will be at the same place, except this time, it’s with 2PM’s counterparts, 2AM, AT EIGHT PM (8 PM). The JYP whole family (basically) is going to be here!!! I can’t wait.

So I will most likely try to attend the first one. The second one is going to be hard to go too..but if anyone’s going, let me know! 😀 Be sure to upload fanvids!! I know I will…if I’m going, that is.

So, guess what? This is big news because…not even allkpop has any info on WG and 2PM/2AM coming to SF. So guess what? YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!

Update: Thanks to triplejam for the correction. JYP peoples, not YG! ^.^

  1. triplejam says:

    YG family? i think you meant JYP. hehe, peace.^^
    thanks for the info!!:)

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