Epic Youtube Battle

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Cyber World, Youtube
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As most of you might know, Youtube is a great way to get attention. You can be a nobody and start posting up videos of yourself singing on Youtube and you can be another Justin Bieber. I mean, how easy is that?

Well, sometimes it isn’t all just about getting famous. Two Yale college guys started this great battle on Youtube. You probably are thinking right now, so what? There’s been plenty of Youtube battles.

If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing out. Lots. This is by far the most creative AND the best one yet. Check it out, it’s loads of great fun.

Kurt Schneider vs Jake Bruene
How it started: According to Kurt, he was playing the recorder in the living room when Jake, his suite mate, comes in and says no one can play a song on the recorder…

Well, Kurt showed him…

Jake responded to this attack with a rebuttal of his own, starting by picking up the phone…

From Jake, to Kurt: “Well, Kurt, can you beat it?”

Kurt replies to Jake: “I believe it’s your naptime now, so SLEEP!”

All I can do now is wait. We’ll see if Jake can beat Kurt…but playing Ocarina of Time on the ocarina, that’s hard to beat. It’s like playing Rock-a-Bye-Baby..on a rock. Wow…

And as all wars go, we’ll see a final battle soon enough…but can we wait that long?

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