This post is entirely NOT for what I normally post. Just need to rant a bit. But of course, there are some juicy tidbits that I might add…that I would be cracking down on this week, Sunday at the latest.

1) ZE:A’s Mazeltov. I’m sorry to all those Child of Empire fans, but I truly believe they suck. They are good lucking guys, total eyecandy, but seriously? The song? What’s with the days of the week? And if you’re going to say nationalities, at least get them right. “Japan girl” really now? And the outfits, dance moves, I can name at least a few that were copied.

I know I know, they are rookies, “cut them some slack”. I already kinda did. I let them have a fan club/base/whatever, gave them some time, etc. They executed it okay-ish. But there are SO much similarities, I thought I was watching an MV with all these other famous MVs and celebs mixed together. It was that to me. I’ll elaborate and even give few examples later on. 😀 When I actually do a real crackdown.

2) G-Dragon. Sorry GD fans, I don’t like him. At all. Enough said there. *runs from bananas and eggs*

3) This one’s a maybe. Bi/Rain’s suing his own company. Now, I just heard about it, so I don’t really know if I’m going to do this one. Just a thought.

4) More similarities. This time between SNSD’s Oh! and After School’s Dream Girlz. Again, also not sure. I need to check it out. NO NEED TO BE ALARMED. Just a thought. Maybe it’s not. We’ll see…err…hear.

5) Super Junior. MAJOR issues here. Good news AND bad news. Good news: Their newest album/single. Shindong’s girlfriend (which I find TOTALLY adorable. I mean, how awesome is that? And the fact that SM actually lets them date…that is saying something. Thank you SM. The boys aren’t getting any younger, now, are they? ❤ them 4evs!) Twitter. Eunhae. And Wookie’s single. And their newest hairstyles (which I find mostly hideous. *thinks back to DBSK’s Breakout single. Bad hairstyles and choreography there.*)

Well, that’s all for now. That’s just the update. I might introduce a few more oldies. 😀 C-pop anyone? ❤

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