Here comes yet another imitator…

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Girls' Generation/SNSD, K-pop, Star King, U-KISS
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Heecul, watch out! Your reputation as the King of Imitations may be taken by ANOTHER idol celebrity.

Many of you probably have seen countless videos of Heechul imitating another celebrity(ies). DBSK’s Yunho (O.Jung.Ban.Hap), taking the place of someone in SHINee for Ring Ding Dong, SNSD, Hyori, etc. He’s great at it. And he’s not shy. 😉

But just one month ago, someone new appeared into the scene, challenging the Imitation King. (Yes, I know. You’re probably yelling at me now, saying that this is old news, nothing new. Yeah? Guess what? I don’t care. I’m not allkpop or another news site. I merely give my OWN opinions. So either read this or go away.) ANYWAY, Star King give way to this new female star.

From San Francisco, California, this gorgeous beauty immediately catches the eyes of the audience. Long wavy hair and skinny legs, exactly like a model she claims to be.

She seems familiar, no? BINGO! How about our SNSD girls? Jessica? Who is also from San Francisco, California. Now let’s compare the two.

Just like how Ginger from Boys Over Flowers always says, “Oh my gawd.” Strangers? Nah. Neighbors? Possibly. Best friend? Most likely. Twins? DEFINITELY.

Ha, guess what then? All of the above? NONE. This striking female is actually…NOT female. SURPRISE! No. U-KISS’s Kevin. Think: IMPOSSIBLE! How can this …[not sure what to call] be HIM? He’s hot as a guy, now GORGEOUS as a girl? Definitely not fair.

Let’s blow the cover, ladies and gents. Take a peek at the video below. You’ll know what I’m talking about. And btw, just a jealous remark: It’s NOT fair how gorgeous she is. It’s just not. And Kevin is not only HOT as a guy, but hot as a girl too. *fumes jealous rage*

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