Joining the Dark Side

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Girls' Generation/SNSD, K-pop
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When the word “SNSD” is said, people immediately think of the cutesy, oppa-loving girls who sing hyper and energetic songs in mini skirts and pom poms.

Well, that SNSD is no more. Just recently, on March 17,  SNSD has released a new digital single named Run Devil Run in the repackaged version of Oh!. Unlike Oh! and Gee or any of their songs, Run Devil Run is the completely opposite.

From cheerleaders to the “dark and evil”, Run Devil Run completely changes SNSD, nicknaming them the Black Soshi or Black Girls’ Generation.

What do you think of this new “look”? I have to say, it’s new for them, but in the K-pop girl group scenario, WAAAAY overdone. With Kara and Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1 already done the “dark” concept, it’s hard to beat.

According to soompi, SM had planned the “dark” theme before any other girl group came up with it. Which is hard to believe, seeing that Brown Eyed Girls’ had a somewhat “dark” theme with their Abracadabra last year.

According to a representative from SM, “Black SNSD is a concept that has been planned long before other girl groups made their comeback. The Black SNSD concept was a secret project that started last Fall and 80% of the filming process has already finished by the time 2nd album was released.”

Credits to: Soompi news

Anywho, I have to give it to them. They sound good. They look good. And it’s totally awesome that they FINALLY change. But what really bugs me is that this wasn’t exactly an original.

American popstar, Ke$ha had released recording a “guide version” of the song before her debut around August 2008. Since it was only used as a demo and was never released, the song’s official first release is by SNSD. But why couldn’t the songwriters, as SM had said they had people from all over the world help compose this song, write an ORIGINAL?

I’ve heard both versions. And I have to say, SNSD’s version is just the Korean version of Ke$ha’s. It’s really sad, how such an awesome song couldn’t be their own. *sigh*

SNSD’s Run Devil Run

Ke$ha’s version

New concept, new outfit, used unwanted song. This isn’t like the other songs who have the same/similar music (i.e Oh!) but different lyrics. They are exactly the same (I’m talking about the English bits).

The chorus, You better run run run run~, and the famous part Run Devil Run Devil Devil Run Run~…all the same. But still, I love it. It’s nice to have a English and Korean version of this song. You better run run run run run~ run devil run devil devil run run ~ run devil devil run run~ 😉

But hey, it’s SNSD. I’m already surprised they finally took off the “cutesy oppa-loving” outfit (which bothered me SO much after they reused it OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN <–2PM reference? =D) to this “dark and mysterious and sexy” theme, which unfortunately has been used. Hopefully in the future, SNSD can have a new Ta-DA! that no one has used before and EVERYONE will love it. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope!

Which SNSD do you prefer? “Oppa, Saranghae!” SNSD? Or this “I-Don’t-Care-About-You-So-You-Better-Run” dark and mysterious SNSD?

  1. NyNy says:

    I like their style by the way, do you want to exchange blog links? Can you vote on this for me too?

  2. sakurayume says:

    I know precisely what you mean. “Run Devil Run” is WORLDS away from “Gee!” They have changed a lot in such a little time!

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