“Don’t be corrupt or the ICAC will get’cha…”

Posted: March 11, 2010 in C-pop, News
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Wow, my first post on C-pop, also known as Canto-pop, mainly in Hong Kong and southern bits and pieces of China.

Anywho, guess what?

More corrupt officers…er…not exactly. Hong Kong’s biggest and best entertainment in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD known television broadcast (along with ATV but that has nothing to do with this), TVB.

TVB’s general manager, famed entertainer and host of TVB shows, Stephen Chan Chi Wan, was arrested in an ICAC probe involving corruption.

For those who do not know what the ICAC is, they are the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Hong Kong). To know more about them, click HERE.

So as I was saying, Chan and three other TVB people were arrested for being corrupt, another way of saying they’ve been bribed.

BUT…before you go WHAT?! I’m going to say this: They haven’t been proven guilty, so as long as “the person has not been proven guilty by court, they are not guilty yet.” Or something along those lines.

Anyways, according to a post at PA – Entertainment Destination:

ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) has arrested 3 Senior Executives from Television Broadcast Ltd (TVB) including CEO Stephen Chan Chi Wan (陳志雲), all accused of Bribery.

ICAC has sent their people into TVB City to investigate this matter, leaving just after 2pm, along with a man wearing a mask.

TVB has issued a statement, “Workload of the three arrested has been halted, TVB will continue to run normally and will help ICAC with their investigation.”

Update 1: A brief news conference held by TVB at 4:30pm local time confirmed that there have been 4 arrests, including, CEO Stephen Chan, Head of Marketing & Operation Chan Yong Sun (陳永孫), Director Chin Guo Wei (錢國偉) and artist Coson Ning (寧進).

Update 2: Another Advertising Production Executive Cong Pei Kun (叢培崑), has been arrested taking the total tally to 5.

Update 3: ICAC suspects that TVB used advertising agency that were owned by close friends of Stephen Chan, involving millions of dollar worth of bribes.

CREDITS: http://www.popularasians.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57362

The link above has more pictures and whatnot. But me, I can barely comprehend this. I’ve seen Chan in PLENTY of TVB variety shows, game shows, talk shows, a lot. Still, this is pretty intense.

Do you believe this? Believe it or not, I kinda do. Even TVB has this series called ICAC off of the REAL ICAC. It talks about past cases and all that, and as far as I know, Hong Kong has a lot of corrupt cases. Not sure about anywhere else in the world, but I just know that there has been quite a lot of corruption.

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