Something’s fishy about kicking the Jay out of the Park…

Posted: March 9, 2010 in 2PM, K-pop, News
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On September 8, 2009, he left 2PM due to his Myspace controversy that sparked up.

On February 25, 2010, JYP officially announced that his contract was permanently terminated.

Here’s the question: There’s something that’s not adding up. Why would JYPE and the rest of the 2pm boys “prepare” for his return if they knew that he wouldn’t be coming back?

2PM’s former leader, Park Jaebeom

Left the group and JYP due to suicidal petitions that came up after a Coldest (anti 2PM) dug up his Myspace post several years ago during his trainee days that said “Korea stupid and Koreans are gay”.

No big deal right? Things have died down. Hottests all over the world waits impatiently for anything to happen. They’ve tried boycotting 2PM products/merchandise. They’ve done flash mobs. Nothing happened.

Meanwhile all of this was going on, JYP and the members were anticipating Jay’s comeback. JYP had found the best vocal, dance, and acrobatic teachers for Jaebeom when he left to Seattle. Hold it. Reread that sentence: JYP FOUND dance and vocal teachers for Jay when he left. He [JYP] even personally went to Seattle to make sure the instructors were satisfactory. This means that JYP was going to let everything die down and have Jaebeom come back.

They renamed their album to 1:59pm, clearly stating that there is one minute missing (hint hint: Jaebeom).


Now, JYP is stating that Jaebeom had called them and told them about yet ANOTHER “terrible” mistake that he did during the Again and Again promotions. According to them, this was even worse than his Myspace post:

Taken from K Bites (click HERE to read the whole article):

“But, last December 22nd Park Jaebum goon made a startling call with the company head revealing that he committed a big personal mistake.

It was a mistake that occurred during last summer’s Again and again promotions that was being was realized in afterthought that caused a problem.

Though Park Jaebum goon could not reveal the information because it was a personal problem, this problem is bigger than even the problem that caused him to withdraw last September, and is a problem that could cause an even bigger public problem. Though we want to discuss with the other 6 members, but at the time the boys were so excited about the news of Park Jaebum goon’s comeback and were enthusiastically preparing for the award performances and so we could not tell them this news. Following that they finished their year end promotions and this January 3rd we told them the news, after receiving a big shock, and after contemplation and three days later on January 6th, all 6 members revealed that it would be hard for them to promote as 2PM with Park Jaebum goon.”


When I first read that, I was like, “Is this the end?” Of course, it must have been. But here’s the thing: On January 6th, Taecyeon was in Boston. Wooyoung, Junho, and Junsu were in their hometowns. THEY WERE NOT IN THE JYPE OFFICE TO DECIDE.

So, how’s that possible? Is JYP lying?

I also found out that along with Jaebeom’s post on Myspace about “Korea is stupid, Koreans are gay”, there was something about JYP offering him a slave contract.

Taken from Insider 2PM (click HERE to read full article):

“The reason why JYPE kicked Jay out back in September is because some of his Myspace screen caps mentioned JYPE’s slave contract.

Back when Jay was a trainee, JYPE offered him a slave contract and Jay had wrote down his dilemma on his Myspace. JYPE was afraid for this to spread, so they kicked Jay out of country 4 days after the issue had sparked.

And a month after, JYPE released an article saying that JYPE has no slave contract as opposed to other entertainment companies in Korea.”

Back to his “terrible mistake” during his A&A days, how is that possible? He was never at a location long enough to do anything awful.

And to those who do not know what the “terrible mistake” is, it’s a statement rumor that says that during the Again and Again promotions, Jaebeom was sleeping around with girls and experimenting with drugs.

He went to four different places each day and if they weren’t traveling around, he was doing variety shows with his members. Now, you tell me, HOW IN THE WORLD WAS HE ABLE TO SLEEP AROUND WITH GIRLS AND EXPERIMENT WITH DRUGS?

Many Hottests are saying that this was just a excuse JYP came up to give Hottests a reason why he’s permanently kicking Jay out.

But he forgot one thing:

Hottests don’t easily buy these kinds of rumors. To REALLY fool a true Hottest, takes a lot of skill. If a statement (doesn’t matter if it’s a rumor or the truth), Hottests will DIG until they find proof that that statement is true. And guess what? So far, this hasn’t been adding up.

So here’s a piece of advice for JYP: If you’re gonna lie, please make sure your statements are going together. You can’t make an image with puzzles if your pieces don’t go right.

Even those who know of 2PM but aren’t exactly fans (but they’re not antis either) do not believe this. As one Warmest (not fan but not anti) said, “It sucks to see a group split up b/c once a group is established, it’s not easily to break. Just like Super Junior, DBSK, and others, if a member is missing, it’s not the same.”

All Hottests, Warmests, and even Coldests, keep your hearts as one. OneDay, 1:59PM will finally [learn] to count to 60 and become 2PM again [and again].

  1. NyNy says:

    I like your view but I think something is wrong on the other side.

    While we should JYP for letting Jay come back despite making another mistake and kicking him out, do you think maybe that Jay would have possibly made something up? Not in a bad way but maybe just so he can be home again with his friends and family in Seattle.

    If you saw his dance battles and his YouTube video, though he does love 2PM, don’t you think maybe he just wants to be a normal person in Seattle?

    Still, I think he will be the one to breakthrough into America being Asian-American. I just kind of hope there is a miracle going on.

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