Out of SM, where would he go next?

Posted: March 9, 2010 in K-pop, News, Super Junior
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Super Junior member, Hankyung / Hangeng, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment (SME) last year in December.

Fans from all over the world has been waiting impatiently (and anxiously) for any news.

Here’s some background: SM is a awful company Hangeng filed a lawsuit stating that SM refused to let him go back to China for any rest for two years. So basically, that’s two years of pure slavery work (entertaining) w/o even breaks for when he was sick.

Also, a 13-year contract. He wants to terminate his contract early. But because SME is such a greedy hoarding company big company, they cannot just let him go b/c that would be “too much money wasted”. If all their entertainers did that, then everything would be kapish down the drain.

So far, Hangeng has not spoken about this at all yet. SM is doing everything in their power to keep it low, because a LOT of things have been happening in 2009, with DBSK’s lawsuit and others.

Today, Super Junior Hangeng finally tells a bit of his side of the story. Taken from Kpoplive.com, here is a clip of Hangeng on Star Entertainment‘s Sohu Online. This interview tells of the standing position of the lawsuit and what his future will be.

Apparently, Hangeng is sure that he will win this lawsuit. And he does plan on leaving Super Junior. T_T First Kibum goes missing. Then Kangin is on hiatus due to his “issues”. And now, Hangeng is leaving.

What will become of this AMAZING band? Some of the members (Eunhyuk and Heechul) have already spoken of their plans if they do disband. And this was WAAAY before any of the problems arose.

Heechul once said before: “If it weren’t for the closeness and love between the members, I would’ve left already to pursue my dream of being an actor.”

And Eunhyuk, on Song Battle: “I could go solo because I’m a rapper.” And Kangin intervenes and says: “His name would be Anchovy.” ^_^

I miss these boys. Super Junior, come back! AS THIRTEEN!!!

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