Revival of an old song…

Posted: February 19, 2010 in American Entertainment
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Remember those songs you used to listen on the radio? The ones that ACTUALLY were good songs? Unlike the trash we listen to today.

Well, I was just searching around Youtube (duh!) for some good songs. Specifically ones by C.N. Blue. (Those boys are just too hot! <3)

Anyways, I stumbled on their cover of Where You Will Go by The Calling. Amazingly good, lemme tell you that. Their English isn’t perfect;  more like Engrish. But still, it’s good. 😉

C.N. Blue (Yonghwa and Jonghyun)’s cover on Jungsunhee Love FM Radio 2010.01.26

C.N. Blue’s Peformance in Japan before their debut (Bassist Lee Jungshin was not here. Former Bassist Kwang Jin is the one speaking Japanese in the beginning.)

Now, here’s the orginal by The Calling (2000-2005)

Here’s another version, the Pearl Harbor one. I really like this one because it is SO touching. T_T I was like in tears listening to it…though right now, I’m listening to an EXTREMELY happy song Haengbok by Suju. How can you NOT be happy? 😉

Here’s the song:


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