What is more important? Money or lives?

Posted: January 31, 2010 in News, Uncategorized

Since the 7.1 earthquake in Haiti, everyone around world is trying to help out. But guess what? U.S. A suspends evacuations of critically injured UNTIL the question of who is going to pay for their care is answered.

I mean, oh my god, Really now? Really? Money is more important to you crumbums than saving people’s lives?

Many of those are children. INFANTS. BABIES. TODDLERS. And what does U.S say? “Sorry, until we know who is going to pay for all of you, we’re not gonna be saving you guys.”

Many of these Haitans have spinal cord injuries, burns, and other serious wounds. Since Haiti is close to Florida, the governor of Florida has been helping out. Even though U.S has suspended military evacuations, Florida is still bringing people into their hospitals to save them. Though they aren’t sure how much it will cost them…they are still willing to save them. Probably because Florida is really close with Haiti.

Thank God for Florida. Let’s hope the U.S military will lift their suspension and help everyone.

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