Ft. Island’s performance at A.N.Jell’s mini concert

Posted: January 23, 2010 in FT Island, K-pop
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Omg…*drool* This is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. I am in <3. Lee Hongki…MAJOR hottie. Not even kidding.

And you know that some Asians do NOT look good with blonde hair? Hongki is amazing with blonde hair and in a white outfit. *sigh*

When he has the brownish/blackish hair, he looks like Kangin from Super Junior. I wish he’ll keep the blonde hair. He looks AMAZING.

Taken from You’re Beautiful – Jeremy (Lee Hongki)

Wild Beauty

Sexy Beast

Omo…look at those eyes! ❤ *nosebleed*

And finally…the cute Jeremy Hongki!!!

😉 He is SO adorable. Who doesn’t love him?

Now, here’s the FT Island performance on A.N.Jell’s mini concert. They are AMAZING. And the song was beautiful. I loved every minute of it and almost died from blood loss. Haha.

Hongki definitely knows how to engage and play with the audience….aka fellow blood donors for FT Island!

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