From Who’s Them? to OMG!!!

Posted: January 16, 2010 in C.N Blue, K-pop
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HOT HOT HOT!!! *melts* Can you believe this? O.O AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Okay. =D I’m done. Haha. Korean boy BAND.(see the emphasis on band? Yeah, they actually PLAY their own instruments. The other boy ‘bands’ should be called boy ‘groups’. Not bands. They don’t play their own instruments!)

Your first reaction would probably be: “WHAT?! ANOTHER ONE??? Who’s this one like? Another Big Bang? Like MBLAQ? Or is it like BEAST?

Here’s the answer: None of the above. This one is amazing. Not being biased. If you watched their debut video, you’ll be impressed.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. I know, I know. Enough waffling. Show the people. Here ya go:

*drum rolls*

Korean boy band, under entertainment label F&C Entertainment (NOT Ft Island), plays their own instruments, and is also coined the name “2nd Ft. Island”.

You should know who they are right now. Yup, C.N. Blue. Also known as Code Name Blue:

This Korean indie rock band (not boy band, they ROCK! ;D) debuted yesterday in South Korea, Jan. 15, 2010.

They played their debut single, I’m A Loner, and I was absolutely impressed. Not only were they ALL hot (see, there aren’t many all hot AND TALENTED musicians out there anymore…it’s either a few are and the others not…yeah), they could sing and play their own instruments to their own song.

All they needed was a stage. And that’s what they did in Japan before coming to Korea to debut. They played in small gigs and in clubs and street performances. Which got them signed with AI Entertainment (Japan) and later on F&C Entertainment (South Korea). Now, how’s that for talent?

C.N Blue’s I’m A Loner debut:


I am TOTALLY in love with the drummer, Kang Minhyuk. The lead vocalist is Kang Shinwoo (oops!), I mean Jung Yonghwa (Shinwoo’s from You’re Beautiful…and…let’s get back on topic first. ;D).

The other guitarist and vocalist is Lee Jonghyun, and finally, the bassist, Lee Jungshin. Now, how’s that for a band?

Jung Yonghwa (lead vocalist/guitarist)

Lee Jonghyun (guitarist/vocalist)

He looks a tad bit like Kim Ryeowook from SuJu, no?

Kang Minhyuk (drummer! <3)

Doesn’t he look like Bi/Rain here?

Lee Jongshin (bassist)

Didja see Minhyuk twirl his drumsticks? OMG, I am a TOTAL fan of drummers. *sigh* I fall in love with them….<3

Haha. I’ll be doing a music review of their MV for this song…which I LOVEEEEEEE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

“One two three four five six seven night~”


Yeah. They rock. C.N BLUE: HWAITING! Hope you make a BIG impact on the world of crazy fangirls and stalkers!!! =D

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