Break Out? Seems more towards break up!

Posted: January 13, 2010 in DBSK/TVXQ, K-pop

I’m not trying to say that DBSK is going to break up. Instead, I’m hoping that DBSK breaks up with SM Entertainment, and AS A GROUP, go to another entertainment.

DBSK will not be the same if SM decides to switch yummy Kim Jaejoong, charismatic Park Yoochun, and smiley Kim Junsu. It’ll be DBSK minus three. Yeah, and SM will go from UP tooooooooooooooo doooown. Yeah. Even with BoA and her American voyage cannot keep SM up.

DBSK has the BIGGEST fan base EVER. Cassiopeia (Cassies) have dominated the world. With over 800,000 fans JUST in South Korea. Imagine that. Now, what about all the other places? China, America? Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia? Yeah. DBSK is rocking.

So their new Japanese single, Break Out. Congrats to DBSK, for this is their 29th Jap. single. Whoot whoot!

Now, enough waffling. Here’s DBSK’s Jap. single, BREAK OUT.

Usually, Mr. U-know Yunho, the all mighty leader and absolute hottie is totally sexy and charismatic. This time? For some reason, that hair style does NOT suit him. Like no way. It sticks up on both sides, making him look like an owl. And our YUNHO is no freakin’ owl.

I mean, I’m not saying he’s not cute. He is. He’s absolutely adorable. Like his baby pictures. I much prefer his Wrong Number hairstyle. Now THAT was sexy.

Here’s a photo of him doing the ‘dance’.

Here, he didn’t look that baby-face ish. I love his baby face. It just doesn’t seem to match the whole theme here. >.< And their dance moves…omg, what is it? They're like jerking…not more like bending around. They didn't have any scenes together either! Arrgh…the whole SM vs DBSK lawsuit is stupid. SM, just give up and all that.

Sorry. Got a little fired up there.

Next, the amazing charismatic Micky YOOCHUN! Now HERE'S a fine guy. Look at him! SO much better than his Mirotic appearance. Sorry to all y'all Mirotic Yoochun lovers. His hairstyle was AWFUL there. Like stickin' to his face and all. Here's a good lookin' hairstyle. Thank god Yoochun's gorgeous enough to pull of any ugly hairstyle. 😉

Oooh, hottie! Haha. Here’s another:

Look at him! Truth be told, I’ve never been much fan of him. More Changmin (wink wink) fan here. But I ❤ them all just the same. But, as I'm repeating myself more than once here, he looks REALLY yummy here. You HAVE to watch the video!

Now, DBSK's little dolphin, Xiah JUNSU!

Not much of a change from Mirotic. Similar style and all. Great voice and amazing dancer. Made up for those lousy backups in the vid. Awful dancers were they. *shudders* I would’ve thought they were in a whirlwind with their bending and twisting. And it wasn’t the fast kind either. It was slow and totally in slow motion, basically.

As usual, you can totally see his concentration. He always is into what he’s doing. Look at him! He’s totally immersed in it. Need to give our dolphin that! Not much of a wiggle from his duckbutt. *wink wink* Haha.

Next, much loved ‘umma’ of DBSK, HERO JAEJOONG!!!

Sorry to say, but our darlin’ Hero isn’t much of a dancer. Those lousy backups were waving and bending, and Jaejoong does his adorkable ‘dance’ moves. Really funny, but it’s just weird. And the whole setup was bad. The dancers were blockin’ out most of their faces and all. I was like: “Move! I wanna see THEM, not the back of your heads.” Aish…

But his hairstyle? Nuh-uh. It’s really a no go. It looks like he just woke up from bed and decided to do some morning bendy excercise before breakfast.

Thank goodness JJ’s such a pretty boy that he looks fine in WHATEVER the crappy stylist(s) put him in. The clothes were weird. His hairstyle was weird. This whole thing was weird.

Finally, maknae and big eater =D Max CHANGMIN!

Sorry to seem biased, but Minnie was probably the BEST looking one here (besides Yoochun). His hairstyle was great (I didn’t like his long one much) and his trenchcoat? Absolutely fits him. Probably because he’s SO tall, long coats/shirts seem to balance him out. 😉 He’s such a cutie.

OMG, I’m totally fangirling over him. *squeals* I’m a diehard Changmin fan.

Here’s another one with him IN ACTION!


Now, the song. It’s overall a good song. Just the beginning the clashing of the cymbals made my ears ring a bit. But their harmonization was great. I ❤ Yoochun's start and how Yunho did his 'yelling'. Sort of, but not a Changmin 'Mirotic' yell. =D So the song's good.

The backup dancers. Lousy in my opinion. Probably because I'm used to seeing DBSK's amazing choreographed dances that this one didn't make it. This was more like waving and bending in weird directions and the dancers kept on crowding the camera. Camera hogs. =D

DBSK had NO together shots in this one. None at all. It was all by themselves, which caused disappointment in me. I was hoping that they were 'together' in this one.

Hope is alive! DBSK will NOT break up…because? This song is called Break Out. My interpretation of it? DBSK will BREAK OUT from this ditch and come back strong, beat up any meanies in the way *ahem*SM*ahem* and so on. HWAITING!

Can't wait to hear more from DBSK!

KSM, signing out.

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