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Hello my lovely readers.

It’s that time once again and I am sorry to say that Celebrity Cracks will cease to exist starting July 21. Instead, what used to be Celebrity Cracks will now be known as DE Scope.

I have realized, time after time, that when people google Celebrity Cracks, it’s not this website..and it’s probably what you are thinking of. So, I have decided to change Celebrity Cracks to DE Scope, standing for Drama & Entertainment Scope. I will start expanding beyond the simple rants and raves and move forward towards developing newsworthy opinionated articles, ranging from drama reviews, to celebrity spottings, and so forth.


When it comes to baby names, celebrities can get quite creative. Some include Holly Madison’s daughter, Rainbow Aurora, Levi Johnston’s daughter, Breeze Beretta, and Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy. But American socialite and diva, Kim Kardashian, with her rapper honey boo boo, Kanye West, recently just shocked America’s tabloids with the release of their daughter’s name: North.

While her name is different, it isn’t all that bad, right? WRONG. The baby’s daddy’s last name is West. Put baby’s first name and last name together and you get…*drum roll please*… North West.


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Disclaimer: This was taken from another post I wrote for another blog. There may possibly be detailed analysis for current viral video. Stay up to date.

South Korean rapper, PSY, infects the world with his upbeat, electronic song,Gangnam Style. Since it’s release on July 15th, 2012, the video acquired 8 million views within the first two weeks. It beat Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me with 28 million views, Bieber’s being slightly over 21 million views. A month later, it has reached 45 million views. PSY beat Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Nicki Minaj for Top Music Video on iTunes as well as ranking #1 on Youtube’s Most Viewed Videos (for July).

With its upbeat tempo and hilarious dance moves, Gangnam Style has garnered attention from everyone. Since Gangnam Style came out, there has been numerous covers and parodies to it. It has been said that Gangnam Style may possibly be like the Macarena, with its memorable shuffling dance and “horse riding move”.

Korean artists, in general, do not garner much international fame. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, Psy’s Gangnam Style has dominated all local music charts and quickly becoming popular with everyone. When artists such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber tweets about Gangnam Style, you know something big’s going on. Be sure to look for more parodies and covers of this international sensation…known as The Gangnam Style.

Well, what do you know…SM becomes the victim of my relentless snide jabs once more…

Once again, the high and mighty industry king riles up a controversy with the biggest band in the history of bands: Super Junior.

This 13 member talent group has about everything the industry requires. (And yes, this is ENTERTAINMENT…not labor, though with some of these artists work much harder than manual laborers such as–)  Anyway, they have MCs and hosts, dancers, singers, actors, the list goes on. If you count having the ability to have over 50 pairs of new shoes and dying their hair every other week or so and having it not fall out as a talent, they’ve got it too.

Once again, I am digressing immensely, but you get my point. These boys have immense talent; they should be allowed to use it. But nooooo, the disgusting and manipulating successful company they are under, the mighty SM Entertainment, has decided to curb these talents…and turn them into warbling fools.

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Well, as almost all of you know, Dream High was a super success. Now, JYP has come back with Dream High 2, with a new cast but the same plot. Thoughts?

First of all, Dream High 2 is hilarious. The plot is so-so, the cast is okay, but it’s a funny show. Something you can definitely watch and laugh and enjoy, but not a show that you would watch for a good show plot. It’s worse in the way that it’s so ridiculous with the quick plot and blah blah blah. I’m not even going to continue on about it because I’m pretty sure there are other sites that have their opinions on it. After all, I’m always about free opinions so you now what? You can make your own decision about it. But for me, I found DH2’s cast MUCH cuter, mainly the topic of my post today.

JB and JR. Also known as JB and Ui Bong in DH2, these two superstar cuties are going to make it big. And the best part…THEY AREN’T FAMOUS YET! So I can truely say that I am a fan…from the beginning! Hahaha, that’s just a little happy dance for me. 🙂 But now, back to business.


Tell me, are they not cute? Oh my god, I am in love. With both of them. With all of them.

I am Back.

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello friends, it’s been a long time. How are all y’all?

I will apologize, I most definitely HAVE been lazy on the blogging part…and if I did, it was sloppy. Forgive me. I’ve recently graduated and finishing up all the high school shalalalala so finally, it’s less of a hassle. College this fall, hopefully I will get some REAL insight as I will be writing for my college paper and hopefully landing a job in the entertainment industry as some sort of intern. Gotta work my way up, no? Since I will be in the gorgeous city for the next four years, I have plenty of time to get chummy with some big companies that could help pave my way into my ideal career. How much fun would it be? 🙂

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent, here’s what to look forward to: Super Junior, Make It Or Break It, Disney Shows, and Band Names. In no particular order.

Well, this is it for now, here’s a pretty picture just for kicks. ❤ See you all until then!

Run(a)way Cat(walk), MEOW!

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Fashion

It’s nearing the end of the year. Naturally, there are things that happen. Of course, I, as usual, end up in the midst of it all. Duh.

Anyway, San Francisco had a Fall Debut 2012 Show. Place? Nob Masonic Hill Center. Time? 1 o’clock.

After hiking up California Street (which I advise all of you, if you have money, don’t do it. Unless you are broke like me, then it is wisest to spend a little cash to not put yourself through this pain. All I did the next day was sit. And watch TV).

Anyway, the show itself was gorgeous. Nice place, I have pictures. 🙂 And footage. More pictures, though.

As I skirt around the topic of actually showing pictures (because right now, I am uploading them ;D), how many of you have been to a fashion show?

I would like to bluff and say I’ve been to many, but the truth is, I have not. This one was nice, it was free (which is always a plus, seeing that I am almost always broke), free, and free. Okay, let me say it this way: for non-professionals (these were all students), it was good.

Picture time:

Those were only a select few that I posted. If you want to see more of these pictures, click HERE.

Let me tell you, it was quite worth the hike up there. 🙂 Toodles!

P.S. I have a video; wanna SEE?